Poetry Landmarks of Great Britain

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Poetry Landmarks of Britain (artist Van Howell copyright 2003)

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In 2003, to mark the tenth anniversary of National Poetry Day, the Poetry Society launched a search to find the Poetry Landmarks of Britain. Since that time we've found the Poetry Landmarks section of our website to be a first 'port of call' when researching poetry in a particular region. However, the list is far from complete, and we have re-opened the search and accept nominations from the general public. If you wish to nominate a landmark, please feel free to do so - those that are approved by our panel of poetry experts will go live.

Submit a Landmark

Poetry Landmark suggestions may be submitted via the online registration form only, available here. We suggest that you first browse the Landmark pages to get a sense of what else has been nominated, and to help us fill in the gaps!

"a wonderfully simple, useful and visually appealing idea...Poetry Landmarks is a project to map all things versicular across the country...plotted on an interactive map of Britain, searchable by region or category. There are already a number of listings on the map but they need your help to make it even more useful. What are you waiting for?" Guardian Unlimited Books site of the week citation)